GREEN TEA MEDITATION | Loose Leaf Ceylon Green Tea with with Peppermint Leaves | Designer Resealable Pouch | 3.52 oz.

60515-GT Meditation
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Green Tea Meditation| Pure GreenTea with Peppermint Leaves
Enjoy a gently uplifting combination of green tea with Pure Peppermint leaves that produces a deliciously healthy all-natural tea experience. This 100% Ceylon Green tea is tightly curled, but opens dramatically when infused, yielding a medium strength amber brew of tea embraced by Peppermint. An aromatic and zestful tea, our Mint Meditation has an energetic and cleansing palette to be offered as a perfect after dinner tea.
Ingredients:Ingredients: 100% Ceylon green leaf tea and pure peppermint leaves.

Key Points:
TEA2BREW- Enjoy this 100g pouch that will help take you through a flavorful journey that is full of tradition and ceremony. Let us bring you into our tea family.
ART OF TEA- Each brew has its own story & is a unique tea drinking experience which transports its discerning tea drinkers to another time and place.
REFRESHINGLY FRESH- Packaged within days of picking fresh leafs in the tea fields, maximizes freshness, the key to antioxidants in tea for a healthy lifestyle.
TEA GASTRONOMY- Each tea is designed to offer a taste experience that is as pleasurable as it is authentic and functional. Each tea is crafted to ensure that delicate balance of flavor and tea.
AROMA & FLAVOR- Tea2Brew teas are Certified 100% Pure which keeps them aromatic, robust, & medium-full bodied. Vacuum sealed functional packaging allows for long lasting aroma & flavor.