Fresh Organic Rosemary Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Ultra Premium Finishing Oil | Single Origin Greece | 8.45 Oz Bottle

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Enjoy a natural product based on extra virgin olive oil and fresh organic herbs and fruits. Created using premium quality Single Origin Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh organic Rosemary-infused together in a delicious flavor combination.
✅ Rosemary is arguably one of the favorites among herbs because it has so many uses. Everything from soups to sandwiches can be made simply better with the addition of its fresh, pungent leaves.
✅ All the products and the infused Olive Oil flavors are rich in bio-activecompounds, suitable for health-conscious consumers. Convenient Mediterranean diet for consumers seeking a unique food experience and authentic taste.
✅ We are a company established by scientists and engineers with long experience in food industry. We use only the best raw materials gifted by the rich unique Greek soil and climate to produce products that fulfill the taste, the sensations and the nutritional improvements. We set high standards for us, but also those working with us.
✅ We use “green” production methods, committed to a sustainable approach -- No solvents used, no additives and no preservatives. We extract, with an “one step” natural pioneer process, the taste and flavor of fresh aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables directly into the olive oil. In conditions of controlled temperature and pressure, our method “respects” the delicacy of the olive oil.
✅ We produce olive oils that reach in the bio-activecompounds of the aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables used in the preparation ~~ We use only certified raw materials, which are rigorously controlled. All our procedures are controlled and governed by quality system according to ISO 22000:2005 standard.