Fresh Organically Infused Olive Oil | Wooden Gift Set | Single Origin Greek EVOO | 4 Flavors X 1.7oz Bottle

Pellas Nature Fresh Organically Infused Olive Oil | Wooden Gift Set | Single Origin Greek EVOO | 4 Flavors X 1.7oz Bottle

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EXCELLENT FOR SALADS, DIPPING AND SEASONINGS- No matter what the occasion, Pellas Nature Organically Infused EVOO enhances the taste of your lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers peas, and every ingredient in your salad to levels beyond imagination. Just a spoon of Organically infused EVOO from on top of your Pastas, Soups, Vegetables, Pizzas or Toast can enhance and deepen the flavor of your food to create new gastronomical delights. Do try it !

ORGANICALLY INFUSED - Infused with Fresh Organic Herbs and NOT with essential oils or flavors.

ULTRA-PREMIUM QUALITY - Ultra Premium Extra Vigin Olive Oil from Greece

UNMATCHED FLAVOR - Rich natural flavor and an increasingly authentic taste and aftertaste, characteristics sustainable over time

Origin: Greece

Handcrafted Wooden Gift Pack - Enjoy a natural product based on extra virgin olive oil and fresh organic Garlic, Basil, Rosemary and Red Hot Pepper. Created using top quality extra virgin olive oil and fresh organic herbs infused together in a delicious flavor combination. Packed in a handcrafted wooden display perfect for gifting or for Kitchen counter-top display. A must for every household.


We are a company established by scientists and engineers with long experience in food industry. We use only the best raw materials gifted by the rich unique Greek soil and climate to produce products that fulfill the taste, the sensations and the nutritional improvements. We set high standards for us, but also those working with us.

We use "green" production methods, committed to a sustainable approach




We extract, with an "one step" natural pioneer process, the taste and flavor of fresh aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables directly into the olive oil ~~ In conditions of controlled temperature and pressure, our method "respects" the delicacy of the olive oil.

We produce olive oils that reach in the bio-active compounds of the aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables used in the preparation and suitable for health-conscious consumers. Convenient heart healthy diet for consumers seeking a unique food experience and authentic taste.

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